Breast Augmentation in Denver, CO

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation enlarges the breasts to create a fuller-looking appearance. As one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation can improve your breasts' shape and size. At Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO, plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Barker has many years of experience performing breast augmentation surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Barker, he will listen to your cosmetic goals and provide information about fat transfer techniques and types of implants, such as silicone, gummy bear, or saline. At your appointment, you and Dr. Barker will work together to create a detailed surgical plan that addresses your cosmetic concerns and outlines the size, shape, and profile of your implants or fat transfer preferences. He will go over all of this information so you feel comfortable with your treatment options. Please call our team in Denver, CO to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barker.

What To Expect From Breast Augmentation

The decision to undergo breast augmentation is personal. If you consider breast augmentation, we strongly encourage you to do it based on your needs and no one else's. If you feel unhappy with your breasts' size or shape because of age, nursing, weight loss, congenital disabilities, or personal preference, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Barker. He will help you develop a treatment plan that outlines the:

  • Types of implants, like silicone or saline
  • Placement of your implants, such as submammary/subglandular
  • Fat transfer option
  • Incision technique
  • Cost

Once you have a tailored surgical plan, we will schedule your surgery. During your surgery, Dr. Barker will administer general anesthesia to help keep you comfortable. Next, he makes an incision and places the implant under or over the pec muscle. Based on your implant size, activity level, and body type, Dr. Barker will determine the best placement and location for your implant. Next, we close your incision and take you back to the recovery room for monitoring. To help with recovery, you will need to wear a compression garment, which encourages circulation and reduces fluid retention. For the next couple of weeks, you will also experience swelling and bruising. We will provide detailed aftercare instructions to minimize discomfort, help with healing, and outline when you can start resuming certain activities. Finally, you may need to attend follow-up appointments with Dr. Barker so he can monitor your recovery.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

How much does breast augmentation cost?

The cost of breast augmentation depends on several factors and if you plan to undergo other procedures simultaneously. After developing your treatment plan, Dr. Barker will talk to you about the estimated costs and financing options. It is better to focus on quality over low costs to ensure the results align with your goals and last a long time.

Do I need a breast lift or augmentation?

Your plan might include breast augmentation, a lift, or both. Breast lift surgery removes loose skin and raises the breasts while implants enhance the breasts' size and shape. In your consultation with Dr. Barker, he will listen to your needs and goals before discussing your treatment options. To help revitalize the breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy, we may combine an augmentation and lift with a mommy makeover.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

If you want to breastfeed after augmentation surgery, please tell Dr. Barker during your consultation. With the right surgical technique and placement, it's usually possible to breastfeed after augmentation surgery. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can alter your results, which is why we recommend waiting until your family is complete.

Can I have my implants removed?

You may decide that you want to replace or remove your implants. If this happens, Dr. Barker offers breast revision surgery. In revision surgery, he will replace old implants with new implants or completely remove them. If you want to have your implants removed, you may need a breast lift since larger implants can stretch your skin. For any concerns or questions after your augmentation surgery, schedule an appointment at Peak Plastic Surgery to learn more about your options.

Do implants cause breast cancer?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started investigating a link between breast implants and anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). This is not breast cancer but a cancer of the immune system. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), implant-related ALCL is very rare, and when caught early, it's highly treatable. Dr. Barker encourages all patients with breast implants to get regular screenings for breast cancer. You should contact Peak Plastic Surgery if you notice any concerns, such as swelling or other visible changes.

Enhance the Size And Shape of Your Breasts

Breast augmentation surgery is popular for so many reasons. This treatment is safe and effective, and it produces beautiful results. With numerous options to consider, you can attain the appearance you have always wanted. At Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO, Dr. Barker proudly offers breast augmentation surgery, and he invites you to learn more. Please contact our office in Denver, CO to schedule your consultation with Dr. Eric Barker.

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