Breast Revision Surgery in Denver, CO

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Breast revision addresses a wide variety of issues that patients may encounter with due to a previous breast surgery. Breast revision surgery includes breast implant exchange, breast implant removal, redo breast augmentation, and redo breast lift. Each of these individual surgical concerns will require an in-depth meeting with Dr. Barker to discuss the variety of surgical techniques available to achieve their desired outcome.

Women pursue breast revision for a variety of reasons and goals, all of which require a customized approach. At Peak Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Barker strives to provide each patient pursing breast revision with an individualized surgical plan to obtain optimal results.

Breast Revision Overview and Expectations

Goals of surgery

To address the surgical concern that the patient has with their previous operation to ensure their breasts are brought to the desired shape, size, and placement. Each patient will have a predetermined surgical and recovery plan, to ensure this process is as comfortable as possible.


  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia by a highly trained anesthesia provider
  • Length: Highly variable depending on surgical plan

Post-Operative Care

  • Incision will be closed with dissolvable sutures and covered with a small sterile surgical dressing. The dressing will remain in place until the first post-operative visit (within one week of surgery)
  • Post-operative care is highly dependent on your surgical plan and will be discussed in further detail during your consultation with Dr. Barker.
  • Post-operative pain control will be discussed during an in-depth conversation during your surgical consultation.
  • Patient will be allowed to shower within 48 hours after surgery if no drains are in place. If drains are placed, you will be allowed to shower after drain removal.
  • Patient will be placed in a no-wire surgical bra, which will be recommended for the first 6 weeks of recovery.
  • Drains may be placed at the time of surgery and will be removed in the clinic post operatively.


  • Patients will continue to avoid strenuous activity for the first 4-6 weeks following surgery. Patients are usually cleared for full activity without restrictions after 2 to 3 months.
  • Recovery is highly dependent on your surgical plan and will be discussed in further detail during your consultation with Dr. Barker.
  • Swelling is expected during the first 2 to 3 months after surgery, and typically resolves by 6 months.

Surgical Timeline

  • Surgery
  • Day 3 to 5: Discomfort Improving, Able to Return to Work
  • Day 7: First post-operative visit, dressing removal, Weaned off Pain Medications.
  • 2 weeks: Second post-operative visit
  • 3 weeks: Begin scar therapy if indicated.
  • 4 weeks: Third post-operative visit, begin slow increase of physical activity.
  • 6 weeks: Return to normal bra usage.
  • Surgical timeline is highly dependent on your surgical plan and will be discussed in further detail during your consultation with Dr. Barker.

Breast revision FAQs

Is breast revision safe?

There are always risks associated with any surgery, but breast revision is generally considered to be a safe procedure. Any complications are rare and can be treated successfully. Dr. Barker is a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, so you can be confident that you are in good hands at every stage of the process.

Do I need new breast implants?

It is not always necessary to get new breast implants when you have a revision. Sometimes, the existing breast implants can be removed without replacement. Peak Plastic Surgery Center will assess your individual situation and make recommendations based on what we believe will provide the best results.

Will my revision look natural?

The goal of breast revision surgery is to create natural-looking results that meet your unique aesthetic goals. Even if you are getting new breast implants in Denver, CO, Dr. Barker will take care to place them in a way that looks as natural as possible. We work closely with each patient to ensure their revision procedure meets their expectations.

Feel Confident About Your Breast Implants

Dr. Eric Barker is proud to offer breast revision surgery to his Denver, CO patients. During your consultation, he listens to your concerns and tailors a procedure plan that addresses your previous breast augmentation problems. If you notice a visible defect with your breast augmentation results or want a different outcome, we welcome you to call Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO to schedule your appointment. There are so many factors to think about. Dr. Barker will perform a full physical exam, create your revision options, and discuss realistic expectations. Please call to learn more about breast revision surgery.

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