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What is a Mommy Makeover?

At Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO, Dr. Eric Barker works with women to help them get their pre-pregnancy body back. While childbirth is a miraculous, wonderful moment in a woman’s life, it can transform the tightness and shape of certain parts of the body. Unfortunately, this could cause feelings of frustration. However, with the help of a mommy makeover, patients can enhance the appearance of their bodies. The mommy makeover uses liposuction and skin removal to reshape the abdomen, breasts, and other affected body parts. Dr. Barker can address any area impacted by nursing, pregnancy, or weight gain/loss. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Barker to learn more about the mommy makeover.

What To Expect From A Mommy Makeover

The mommy makeover is a great procedure option for women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth, but they still have difficulty attaining their pre-pregnancy bodies with diet and exercise. During your consultation, Dr. Barker will develop a personalized surgical plan that aligns with your cosmetic goals. The surgery can address issues, like:

  • Deflated, sagging breasts
  • Loose abdominal skin
  • Stubborn areas of fat on the hips, thighs, and buttocks

The mommy makeover is a completely customized procedure, and we can combine multiple treatments that meet your needs. Dr. Barker can perform a breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, fat transfer, or a tummy tuck. No matter the type of procedures we select, you will receive general anesthesia, and the surgery can last for 3 – 7 hours. In some cases, patients may need to stay overnight for careful monitoring. Once we can safely discharge you, you will begin your recovery at home. It takes about six months for a full recovery. Generally, you can start a normal routine in a couple of weeks; however, you need to follow our aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing. Throughout your recovery, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

How much does a mommy makeover cost?
The cost of a mommy makeover can vary, depending on which procedures are part of your surgery. In your consultation, Dr. Barker will develop your treatment plan before he will be able to discuss possible costs. A mommy makeover is an investment in rejuvenating your body and confidence after having children so it is best to concentrate on getting amazing results instead of the lowest cost. Peak Plastic Surgery accepts many payment options, and we can help you find low-interest financing so your mommy makeover is easy to afford.

How do I decide what to include in my mommy makeover?
In your initial consultation with Dr. Barker, he will understand your needs and concerns before performing a physical examination. After this, he can make suggestions on what should be a part of your treatment plan. Often, women want a breast surgery (an augmentation, lift, or both), plus a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Are there nonsurgical alternatives to a mommy makeover?
Childbirth and pregnancy can take a toll on your body so nonsurgical treatments usually aren't enough to produce noticeable improvements. In your consultation, Dr. Barker will discuss both surgical and nonsurgical options. Based on your concerns and goals, he will let you know if procedures, like nonsurgical liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation, or nonsurgical skin tightening, can be considered.

Does a mommy makeover leave scars?
Although a mommy makeover gives you a beautiful new figure, it does leave surgical scars. Dr. Barker will create clean, small incisions. Most scars that result from this surgery will be able to be concealed with swimsuits and underwear. When reviewing your recovery instructions, Dr. Barker or a member of his team will give you tips on scar care so your sutures heal and fade.

What if I get pregnant after a mommy makeover?
Ideally, you should wait to have a mommy makeover until your family is complete so the surgical results are not compromised. Generally, all treated areas of your body are at risk for stretching out if you got pregnant again. Should you have another child after your mommy makeover, another surgery can be done to refresh your results.

Learn More About The Mommy Makeover

If you want to stop feeling upset with your body while trying your hardest to shed those last few pounds, we welcome you to call Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO to learn more about the body contouring options we offer. We can treat sagging breasts, stubborn fat, and other surface irregularities with this custom surgery. During your initial consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Barker, he will address your concerns and aesthetic goals and create a custom surgical plan. With precise techniques, years of experience, and surgical talent, Dr. Barker can help you reclaim your pre-pregnancy body.

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