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About gluteal augmentation Surgery (brazilian Butt Lift)

Dealing with the unwanted sagging or decreased size of your buttocks can feel frustrating, especially if you maintain a workout regimen and follow a healthy diet.  For a firmer, lifted bottom, Dr. Eric Barker at Peak Plastic Surgery Center provides gluteal augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery to enhance the appearance of your gluteal region by increasing the size and improving contour through fat transfer.  This surgical procedure is also known as a "Brazilian Butt Lift," and has been performed across the world for years.  This type of surgery offers a variety of benefits, such as a shapelier and more filled out appearance of your buttocks while also improving your overall body shape and contour.  Dr. Barker completes this procedure through the use of liposuction of an area, or areas, on your body with excess adiposity (fat deposits), and then transfers it to your buttocks.  This results in a contoured appearance of the area that liposuction was performed along with the augmentation of the gluteal region. This is done in a safe and customized approach to ensure each patient will achieve their individual goals. Please call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barker and receive a personalized surgical plan that aligns with your needs.


When diet and exercise cannot improve the size and appearance of the buttocks, gluteal augmentation (brazilian butt lift) surgery can address these issues. Anytime the buttocks lose volume, patients may find it incredibly challenging to reshape their gluteal region without surgical intervention.  Typically, Dr. Barker will perform a gluteal augmentation surgery as an outpatient procedure in a certified surgical center. 

To maintain the safest surgical care for his patients, Dr. Barker will complete this surgery under general anesthesia.  After you are comfortably asleep, he will complete the liposuction procedure in the predetermined areas of your body, then transfer the removed fat to your buttocks. By preforming fat transfer after  high definition body contouring liposuction, the patient will not only receive a increased volume and improved shape of their buttocks, but they will also have improved body contour of the areas where liposuction was completed.

After completing your procedure, we will take you back to the recovery room for monitoring. A member of our team will also provide detailed aftercare instructions to reduce discomfort and ensure proper healing. 

Lift And Tighten Your Buttocks

Please contact our Denver, CO office if you would like additional information about gluteal augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery. This  procedure increases volume of the buttocks to create a more curvaceous appearance to your gluteal region, reduce excess skin, and enhances your overall figure. Dr. Barker is an expert plastic surgeon who can help patients tighten and lift their buttocks so they feel more confident and can live more comfortably.

Butt lift FAQ

Should I get butt implants or a fat transfer?

Some people are interested in silicone implants to increase volume in their bottom. Instead, a Brazilian butt lift uses your body's own natural fat to achieve natural outcomes. During an evaluation, we can decide if you are a candidate for a fat transfer.

How long will my butt lift results last?

Although some fat may be reabsorbed after your procedure, newly transferred fat should stay for many years. You can maintain your results by keeping a steady weight since significant weight loss or gain will affect your outcomes.

How can I recover faster after a Brazilian butt lift?

A member of our experienced team will explain post-operative instructions before your treatment. This includes avoiding sitting or placing unnecessary pressure on your bottom while the area heals. Short walks and light stretching can decrease swelling and improve circulation.

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