Peak Plastic Surgery Center | Denver, CO

About Our Facility

Peak Plastic Surgery Center in Denver, CO is a brand-new plastic surgery facility that Dr. Barker designed with his patients' needs in mind. Equipped with all new furniture and technology, our minor treatment rooms, reception area, and operative rooms are private, spacious, and comfortable. For utmost privacy when you leave our office, our facility has a back exit with a powder station so you can refresh your makeup if needed. We also provide an electronic medical record system that helps you find insurance information, pay bills online, and fill out patient paperwork. This makes it easier for you to find information in one spot and to check-in online before your appointment. Once you arrive at our office, you'll find designated parking, and you can enjoy a refreshing beverage during your short wait to meet with Dr. Barker. Throughout your visit with us, please let us know if we can help you in any way.

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